World famous manor
澳大利亚 · 诗蜜琪酒庄

Cimicky Wines are renowned for their quality. This is due to their high quality grapes, their lavish use of French and American oak, and their state-of-the-art winemaking equipment..

The winery was established in 1973, and was originally called Karlsburg Wines. The most immediately noticeable feature of the estate is thefantasy building created by czech-born Karl Cimicky. The building sits within exquisitely maintained formal gardens with its castellation of spires and battlements stretching up towards the intense blue Australian sky.

The winery is surrounded by 75 acres of vineyards. Annual production is about 7, 000-8,000 cases depending on the season. Winemaking is now under the control of Charles Cimicky, the son of the founder. Charles Cimicky strives to preserve the inherent fruit characters of the distinctive Barossa style. He strongly believes in the importance of viticulture and concentrates on organic methods as much as possible. cimicky's motto is, " Good wine begins from the earth."


该酿酒厂成立于1973年,最初被称为卡尔斯堡葡萄酒。这个庄园最引人注目的特点是捷克出生的卡尔·西米奇(Karl Cimicky)创造的梦幻建筑。这座建筑坐落在精心维护的正规花园中,其塔尖和城垛一直延伸到蔚蓝的澳大利亚天空。

这个酒厂周围有75英亩的葡萄园。每年的产量约为7000-8000箱,视季节而定。酿酒现在由创始人之子Charles Cimicky(查尔斯·西米奇)控制。Charles Cimicky(查尔斯·西米奇)努力保存独特的巴罗莎风格固有的水果特征。他坚信葡萄栽培的重要性,并尽可能地专注于有机方法。西米奇的座右铭是:“好酒始于大地。”

Introduction of Charles Cimicky

Our story begins with the tale of a quiet and unassuming artisan, a somewhat unconventional and reclusive man who has been inspired to create unique red wines of great individuality, depth and character

Charles Cimicky has achieved not only a reputation as one of the most relentlessly quality-driven, meticulous winemakers in the Barossa Valley but also an undeniable notoriety through his emphatic and zealous embracing of anonymity.

This is not usual in this most gregarious of industries。

Whilst others court attention and persistently pursue recognition, this diffident and unpretentious soul devotes his days to the creation of rich, voluptuous reds of style and distinction, all sourced from his own cherished vineyards. The pedigree of his wines and his innately unassuming nature has caused Cimicky Wines and their reluctant muse to be endowed with a certain cult status。

For here is an artisan who has taken a road rarely travelled in allowing his wines to be his voice. Their eloquence, however, has been triumphant. We trust that you too will listen。


Charles Cimicky不仅在巴罗萨山谷赢得了最无情的品质驱动、一丝不苟的酿酒商之一的声誉,而且通过他对匿名的强烈和热情的拥抱,也获得了不可否认的恶名。